Monday, October 03, 2011

"Curation & Our Art' an illlustrated encounter with JS, Brussels & Yours Truly

JS combines the most personal expressions -- drawings, calligraphy, photography, collage -- with the most common materials gleaned at the Brussels flea market, in his series of artist books. We'll talk about the way J curates gallery exhibits in the context of the ongoing curation of memory, imagination, and artistic creation in his books, letterpress, paintings, objects,  digital movies, installations, and other works. I'll touch on THE CONCRETE JUNGLE BOOK, a novel wherein the protagonist and nominal author of the book collects his own comics, prose narration, and collage in a scrapbook that recreates the story of his life from age 8 to 18. We'll look at J's artistic response to TCJB and at the JUNKYARD KNIFE collaboration we began with the two-man show curated by J  in November 2010.  SFCurators Salon 28 October 2011 - 7 pm, at Madrone Studios in San Francisco's Mission District. Special thanks to Jody Radzik for polishing the design of this flyer.

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