Who is Doug Millison?

I'm a writer, artist, and publishing entrepreneur. 

Current projects include  THE CONCRETE JUNGLE BOOK, a forthcoming prose+comics scrapbook novel for print and online/ebook that I created with Steve Porter and Srayla Tip, a Nonhuman Communications prose+comics scrapbook novel. 

SCRAPBOOK EDGE started as a Flickr.com image pool, grew to include a blog and art book that I'm co-authoring with Brussels-based artist, Jiri Szeppan. 

JUNKYARD KNIFE SCRAPBOOK LIFE is an exhibition previewing the SCRAPBOOK EDGE book, at AJS Gallery in Brussels 6-28 November 2010. 

In the 20th century, I co-founded and edited the innovative magazine for interactive multimedia designers and developers, MORPH'S OUTPOST ON THE DIGITAL FRONTIER and co-created the program for our ART TECO show that kicked off the interactive multimedia revolution in the San Francisco Bay Area in the early 1990s. 

Next came BLASTER, a lifestyle magazine for screenagers with multimedia personal computers and a publishing innovation:  comic-book size, mix of slick and pulp pages manga-style, covering fashion, music, games, and how-to make yr own multimedia; a concept ahead of its time, BLASTER would fit just fine in 2010.