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Sunday, August 14, 2011

"Curation as a Work of Art" the Junkyard Knife 2011 presentation at October meeting of SF Curators Salon

book 122 inside

"book 122 inside" detail of a hand-made artist book by Jiri Szeppan, AJS Gallery, 57 rue Charles Meert, 1030 Brussels, Belgium

"Curation as a Work of Art" is the topic of the JUNKYARD KNIFE 2011 presentation we're putting together for the October meeting of SF CURATORS SALON (

Jiri Szeppan will discuss:
  • Collecting materials at the Brussels flea market for use in his  and-made artist books, BESITOS digital movies, and mixed-media painting, and the role curation plays in these art works.
  • How his art is informed by his work at CINEMATEK, Brussels' film archive (like Pacific Film Archive in Berkeley - films for scholars to research, plus film screenings for the public).
  • Curating art shows and  events at  AJS Gallery, 57 rue Charles Meert, 1030 Brussels, Belgium
Doug will talk about curation as content in THE CONCRETE JUNGLE BOOK, the graphic novel presented he has co-authored with Steve Porter and Srayla Tip. The novel is presented in the form of a scrapbook created and curated (in print and online) by a young cartoonist, tattoo designer/inker and writer; to be published this Fall.

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