Thursday, October 13, 2011

Curation & Our Art: an illustrated encounter with JS, Brusssels & Doug Millison, Junkyard Knife, SF Bay Area, feature presentation at SFCurators Salon, 28 Oct 2011

JS combines the most personal expressions -- drawings, calligraphy, photography, collage -- with the most common materials gleaned at the Brussels flea market, in his series of artist books. 

The talk centers on the way J curates AJS Gallery exhibits in the context of the ongoing curation of memory, imagination, and artistic creation -- illustrated with images from his books, letterpress printing, paintings, objects, BESITOS digital movies, installations, and other works.

Doug will focus on The Concrete Jungle Book, a hybrid graphic novel wherein the protagonist and nominal author of the book curates his own comics, prose narration, and collage in a scrapbook that recreates the story of his life from age 8 to 18. 

The presentation includes the world premiere public screening of the animated trailer video for The Concrete Jungle Book produced by NYLON Films, video and this screening courtesy of TCJB co-author Steve Porter and the trailer's producer, Annette Porter.

The presentation  also examines J's artistic response to The Concrete Jungle Book and at the JUNKYARD KNIFE collaboration that began with the two-man show curated by J at AJS Gallery in November 2010.  

Curation & Our Art takes place at the SFCurators Salon, 7 pm,  28 October 2011

Including original art works & posters on display by JSz and Doug Millison, plus multiple video projections on 18' tall seamless white walls at Madrone Studios, 1517 15th St., San Francisco 94103, in the Mission District near 16th St. BART 

Contact Doug Millison on Twitter, on Facebook for more information or to get on the guest list.

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